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“Your growth determines your true success, which is achieved by clarified intent with expanded awareness; to fulfill your desires.”

                                                                                                              – B R Amritaanshu Saroj

Methods to Overcome Depression, Stress & Anxiety

for Better Brain Health, and to Cherish Happy Relationships.

Induce Awareness to Enhance Learning Skills by Overcoming Struggles to Infuse Positivity For Exponential Growth in Your Life.

“You must believe in persistent efforts to keep your life organized; with an intention to be aware of correct information.”

                            – B R Amritaanshu Saroj

My Book Reviews


Happiness is like a that rainfall in a dry desert.

Happiness is like the oxygen in this present scenario of covid. So the author has done a profound work to radiate happiness to the mind of the readers like a sweet pill. I recommend this book to everybody.

Rajib Dutta


Stress free life

Stress being part of everyone’s life needs to be relieved to live a happy and healthy life..this book is perfect to deal with such life issues and keep you .motivated..thanks to author for sharing these wonderful thoughts..



I am experiencing the happiness...now!

Happy Transformation is such a wonderful book!

Usually, to get best out of the book, you need to follow the advice given by the author. I found this book quite different. While reading the book itself I could feel a ‘happy transformation’ happening within me.

I found some of the concepts mentioned in the book, namely ‘Give 360’ and ‘ripple effect’, quite powerful

The authors speaks about the things that resonate with me so well – Giving and gratitude. I believe, these are the basic ingredients of happiness. Practice them and experience happy transformation in your life



Amazing Transformational book

Excellent Read, Transformations should happen from within and the methodologies explained in this book help us achieve these transformations. Awesome!!!



Giving is living with happiness.As you sow,so you reap.

Happy Transformation is the effort made by the author for spreading happiness.
The name of the book well chosen, which will give the readers some thought of trying to live with happiness.
It is about how giving,helping others,relationship,responsibility turn anxiety,depression into happiness.This is well expressed by author by his thoughts and words.



Read the book for happiness

Giving is more than accepting. The basic way for transformation is to begin serving. Meditation releasing stress is explained by the author in simple language. I enjoyed reading the book to remain happy.

Sneha Rajput


Not another book of self-improvement but a book for real transformation.

The book offers insights into different aspects of life and happiness. The author clearly explains how we are always running after the next big thing or the next opportunity instead of just realizing and valuing the things that already exist in our life.

This book has short stories and every short story is an interesting read. Skillful writing, realistic as well as unique, full of twists and turns. The author has added entertaining elements in between.

We just have to remember that true happiness comes from nobody else but us. We tend to bury it with our so called problems and our misleading expectations.

Life is a challenge. Either we take an action and change ourselves for the better or we stay in our comfort zone and just hope for the best. Highly recommend this book to anyone looking for some happiness in their lives.

Neha Ahluwalia


Simple and personal Transformation manual

This book is the second in line from the author Amritaanshu who has considerable interest in unraveling the secrets of the human mind and he has taken lessons from his real life practice to greater heights by penning this book down.

The layout of the book is simple, Happy Transformation is a mnemonic and each alphabet has been used tk explain the steps in achieving the same. The author has worked hard on putting together an assortment of quotations, learnings from his journey as well as journals on the subject of wellness, mental growth and neurosciences.
Inside the book, you would find a simple roadmap to transform yourself to a better version of yourself. Do not wait, read, revel and enjoy this piece.

Kudos to the writer for writing a winner yet again. All the best in your journey of seeking

Shivkumar Iyer


Must read book

Motivational and positive book.Happy Transformation with simple yet powerful strategies.
The author offers a motivational and positive guide for readers who wants to overcome struggles in life. The book is designed for people who are struggling with their life and mantle issues .it is a life-changing book.




The nineteen chapters based on the nineteen alphabets of Happy Transformation are all that you need to transform yourself into a happy being. The author made a good effort to create this book to be “Happy” to all the readers. The happy transformation made a crazy to while reading the book and more interested to read it quietly. The author had made the second book in the series is amazing. Everyone must read this book. Kudos to the Author.

NG Joseph


Happy Growth

Cover is beautiful and inside of the book I love the concept of happy transformation. Author has shared great practices which will boost happiness. This book is entitled with comprehensive content systematically.Much appreciated work.Full of inspirational quotes and well grounded examples. Full of powerful nuggets ,enjoyed and definitely recommend it for other.
Waiting for the next series of this books. book.



Experience happiness like never before

Happy Transformation is the goal and it’s also the means to achieve the same.
This is where the author’s creativity comes into play.
The entire book is captured in the acronym, H.A.P.P.Y. T.R.A.N.S.F.O.R.M.A.T.I.O.N., and each letter of the acronym being a separate chapter. I personally felt quite “HAPPY” about this creative twist.
The nineteen chapters based on the nineteen alphabets of Happy Transformation are all that you need to transform yourself into a happy being.
The book starts with the most important ingredients of happiness – energy, frequency, and vibration. It resonated so well with my core beliefs.
Towards the end of the book, the author talks about a novel concept – Happy Transformation Score and challenges us to think “What”, “Why” and “How” aspects of it.
I am eagerly waiting for the next book in the series to find answers for the above.


Success Stories

“Life’s real magic happens when you surrender yourself with an intention to expand your awareness, to achieve your goals; by taking action with complete devotion.”                                                                – B R Amritaanshu Saroj

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Aada Laine
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Caitlynn Potts
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