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Higher Energy Hub

Higher Energy Hub helps you how to create & maintain a positive balance of different energies that affect you , your home, and work environment. It also shows you how to release your negative energy, reframe your positive energy, and create balance & harmony with all levels of your being.

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Happy Transformation helps you to transform and amplify your happiness so that you inspire, illuminate, touch, and enlighten others through your presence. In the process of transforming yourself, you’re also transferring the positive energy of happiness all around. Thereby creating positive ripple effects.

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One-on-One customized help to walk you through the process that transforms you into better version of yourself. This transformational journey with actionable strategies to show you how to use your personalised templates, ease out with tools & techniques

Hope and optimism influence your belief in your capability to achieve your goals; with a resilient mindset.

— B R Amritaanshu Saroj

Outstanding Experiences: 5+ Years and 15000+ Hours of Training, Coaching, Consulting, and Mentoring.

About me

As a Founder of Higher Energy Hub, Amritaanshu brings Psycho-Spirituality and Neuroscience research to life through simple, easy-to-apply strategies to empower people across the globe, bolster engagement, elevate their energy, and boost their well-being to thrive during turbulent times.


Amritaanshu works with individuals to develop robust strategies for growth and he also has a passion for delivering powerful personal development programs that drive positive change readiness to maximize confidence, supercharge success, and sustain performance.


A former Holistic Health Mentor and Certified Personal Trainer who transitioned to a successful career in Vastu Chakra Healing and Strategy Consulting, he has since become a Bestselling Author, Intuitive Trainer, and Numero-Switchword Expert and was recently recognized as Grand Master in appreciation of his talent & ability in the field of Professional Numerology. Also, the Occult Master Foundation confers the award of the Star Numerologist title for his exceptional performance in the applications of Professional Numerology.

Bestseller Books

“Your growth determines your true success, which is achieved by clarified intent with expanded awareness; to fulfill your desires.”

                                                                                                              – B R Amritaanshu Saroj

Methods to Overcome Depression, Stress & Anxiety

for Better Brain Health, and to Cherish Happy Relationships.

Induce Awareness to Enhance Learning Skills by Overcoming Struggles to Infuse Positivity For Exponential Growth in Your Life.

“You must believe in persistent efforts to keep your life organized; with an intention to be aware of correct information.”

                            – B R Amritaanshu Saroj

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