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Higher Energy

Raise your vibe and elevate your energy through inspiring arts, objects and exciting events with fun learning ways to capture the joyful journey of priceless moments and cherish lovely relationships.

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Expand your awareness to build up an accelerated pace where your momentum is unstoppable towards something that’s deeply meaningful and inspiring for redefining your life to the next level.

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1-1 Consultation

Uniquely designed to help you with One-on-One customized actionable strategies and breakthrough mindsets for the ultimate powerful transformation and progress faster in achieving your goals.

Hope and optimism influence your belief in your capability to achieve your goals; with a resilient mindset.

— B R Amritaanshu Saroj

Outstanding Experiences: 5+ Years and 15000+ Hours of Training, Coaching, Consulting, and Mentoring.


As a Founder of Higher Energy Hub, Amritaanshu brings Psycho-Spirituality and Neuroscience research to life through simple, easy-to-apply strategies to empower people across the globe, bolster engagement, elevate their energy, and boost their well-being to thrive during turbulent times.

Amritaanshu works with individuals to develop robust strategies for growth and he also has a passion for delivering powerful personal development programs that drive positive change readiness to maximize confidence, supercharge success, and sustain performance.

Amritaanshu’s programs are characterized by authenticity, practicality, creating lasting impact, and he is the instigator of change in his students, guiding them to build their confidence and seeing them have breakthroughs in their creativity and expression.

Bestseller Books

“Your growth determines your true success, which is achieved by clarified intent with expanded awareness; to fulfill your desires.”

                                                                                                              – B R Amritaanshu Saroj

Methods to Overcome Depression, Stress & Anxiety

for Better Brain Health, and to Cherish Happy Relationships.

Induce Awareness to Enhance Learning Skills by Overcoming Struggles to Infuse Positivity For Exponential Growth in Your Life.

“You must believe in persistent efforts to keep your life organized; with an intention to be aware of correct information.”

                            – B R Amritaanshu Saroj

Success Stories

“Life’s real magic happens when you surrender yourself with an intention to expand your awareness, to achieve your goals; by taking action with complete devotion.”

                                                                                                                        – B R Amritaanshu Saroj

Giving is more than accepting. The basic way for transformation is to begin serving. Meditation releasing stress is explained by the author in simple language. I enjoyed reading the book to remain happy.
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Excellent Read,Transformations should happen from within and the methodologies explained in this book help us achieve these transformations. Awesome!!!
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Stress being part of everyone’s life needs to be relieved to live a happy and healthy life. This book is perfect to deal with such life issues and keep you .motivated..thanks to author for sharing these wonderful thoughts..
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“You must believe in persistent efforts to keep your life organized; with an intention to be aware of correct information.”

                            – B R Amritaanshu Saroj

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