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Higher Energy

Raise your vibe and elevate your energy through inspiring arts, objects and exciting events with fun learning ways to capture the joyful journey of priceless moments and cherish lovely relationships.

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Expand your awareness to build up an accelerated pace where your momentum is unstoppable towards something that’s deeply meaningful and inspiring for redefining your life to the next level.

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1-1 Consultation

Uniquely designed to help you with One-on-One customized actionable strategies and breakthrough mindsets for the ultimate powerful transformation and progress faster in achieving your goals.


Being a spiritually grounded minimalist, B R Amritaanshu Saroj is on a mission to help you in the experiential powerful transformation of your energy, fulfill your dreams with breakthrough mindsets, progress faster in achieving your goals, and cherish lovely relationships for a happy satisfied life.

A former Holistic Health Mentor and Certified Personal Trainer that transitioned to a successful career in Vastu Chakra Healing and Strategy Consulting, he has since become a Bestselling Author, Intuitive Trainer, and Numero-Switchword Expert and was recently recognized as Grand Master in appreciation of his talent & ability in the field of Professional Numerology. Also, the Occult Master Foundation confers the award of the Star Numerologist title for his exceptional performance in the applications of Professional Numerology.

Outstanding Experiences: 5+ Years and 15000+ Hours of Training, Coaching, Consulting, and Mentoring.

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